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Coco’s Queries and Conundrums: Get to Know

Hello, my name is Coco, and I am the most handsome cat in the clinic with a lustrous raven black coat and hypnotic emerald green eyes. (At least that’s what I’m told.) As the only clinic cat, I’m kinda a big deal around here. These minions wait on me hand and foot and they know just what I like. I’ve got them trained to throw crumpled paper at my whim and they offer me a lap on demand.

You’re probably wondering how such a distinguished young man ended up at Western Veterinary Hospital. I grew up in an abandoned lot with lots of other cats. A nice man rescued me when my mother abandoned my sister and me. My sister was healthy but I was severely obstipated as a result of my diet of insects. The man brought me to Western Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Mitchell gave me many enemas and medicines to help me poop. My intestines were so damaged from the degree of constipation that my intestines had very slow motility and I was not able to absorb nutrients from my food properly, stunting my growth. Dr. Mitchell had to help me poop twice a day and squeezed me like a Play Dough Fun Factory. I didn’t mind though, I was grateful for the help. Everyone thought that the 0.8 pound kitten wasn’t going to be bigger than 5 pounds and might have to have special care for the rest of his life, but I showed them! Now I’m a whopping 8 pounds and I do very well on a special prescription diet.

I love it here at the clinic and cannot imagine living anywhere else. I’m sure you’ll find Western Veterinary Hospital to be a very friendly, compassionate place. Feel free to visit me but be warned that I work very hard on my appearance and I’m very particular who is allowed to touch me.

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